Project Overview

Dior commissioned GL-OW to develop an immersive gallery space for the launch event of their latest Dior Addict Fluidstick shades.

Dior’s primary objective was to develop a contemporary visual communication tool, enabling the event to be widely exploited online through social media and other internet based platforms.

Concept and Process

GL-OW created four environment concepts based on the Fluidstick shades; Wonderland, Pandore, Adventure and Mirage. The immersive experience featured moving images, tromp l’oeil effects and imaginary chromatic landscapes.

Selected bloggers from around the world were invited to the Dior Digital Gallery to experience these conceptual environments first hand.

The Event in Figures

– 29 million in online engagement (views, clicks, shares)


– 840,000 visits to Dior, Dior mag and Backstage websites