Project Overview

GL-OW developed the Living Space installation in response to the Eyes on Talent x D’Days competition. Our project, Living Space, was awarded the prize of Honorable Mention.

Concept and Process

Living Space is an interactive installation, in which the viewer is lead to confront dual realities. The dual realities are characterized by a living reality and a virtual reality which simultaneously compete for the viewers attention.  The space is designed to lead the visitor to strive for a sort of spiritual introspection, provoking to analyze what he sees and feels.

Living Reality:

The space characterized as the “ living reality”  is defined by the exposition of an aquarium.  It contains life, water, fish – it represents life source, and living beings.  In order to access the aquarium the viewer is forced to navigate a steep ramp, representing the effort required  and cognitive decisions one must make to enjoy the fruits of life.

Virtual reality:

This space is staged as a designated comfort zone. A plush couch awaits the viewer, a TV screen mounted on the wall just in front.  The screen plays a live feed of the activity in the aquarium of living reality in detail beyond what the eye can see. The unreachable becomes visible and reality takes on another dimension as a consequence of this state of reality.