Project overview

GL-OW developed the Metaphase editorial for the upcoming issue of Some/things magazine issue 8. Metaphase is GL-OW’s study of fusion, combustion and the transformation of material states.  Visuals from the Metaphase editorial were also used as atmospheric film sequences, played during Some/things private dinner in 2014.

Concept and Process

The Metaphase editorial was conceived in the French countryside. GL-OW selected a series of natural settings, which were projected onto, painted with light, exposed to artificial weather conditions such as fog and sunlight and then photographed. Through this process GL-OW was able to imitate the literal and physical transformation of material states.  These concepts were pushed further through the post-production process. The photographs where then digitally manipulated through new media techniques to perpetuate the notions of transformation and combustion.

Our Metaphase imagery was used for the scenography of Some/Dinner earlier this year, find it here .