PULSE is a site-specific installation that has been developed for the entrance of the National Automotive Innovation Centre.  The founding of the NAIC has created a multidisciplinary- cooperative environment.  The NAIC will be home to a critical mass of diverse backgrounds.  The NAIC is a space that will reinforce creative competences and promote the exchange of rich ideas in the pursuit of innovation.

Pulse is an interactive light installation that is constantly responding and interacting with its environment. Its aim is to explore and pay homage to this dynamic relationship between collaborative networks and innovative outcomes.


Pulse enriches its environment with visual feedback about the interlinking components that are so central to the process of creativity and innovation. It reflects the daily rhythm of interactions, the pulse that innovation thrives off of at the NAIC.

The installation is in a state of perpetual flux, responding to its immediate environment through a series of thermal sensors. The sensors track movements of subjects passing below; the trajectory of the movement is then reinterpreted by the installation.  Sharp swaths of LED light dart across the installation, illuminating the subject’s pathway. Intersecting pathways will charge with light bursts while static subjects movements will be reflected by LEDs passively pulsing ab